Holiday discount on all big Electroneum Posters


Running a ETN Poster sale for the holidays this week at 20% off sale on all posters using code ETN20! We accept Electroneum exclusively. Get your country flag poster and display it proudly to spread the word of Electroneum.



Your Posters are so cool.
Great discount and a fantastic promotion for Electroneum.
:heart: Your work!!


Agreed your work looks magnificent!!!


These posters are awesome!!!


We are running discounts on all Posters all week with “ETN20” Here is a look at a new one. Would you like to see your country flag version? Maybe something to hang up in a store accepting ETN?


Today is the last day of 20% off all posters.


I really like this poster.Even though the government in india is trying to stop bitcoin,The People don’t give a DAMN about the people in charge.It’s hightime the gov realizes its crappy decision before they make themselves look like fools on the world stage.(They already are fools thinking that there is no way to regulate crypto)