Holding your ETN


Dear member,
What is the best (safest) way to store your ETN coins? Hardware wallet, paper wallet…?

And which wallet would you advice then?


I think a combination of all methods, e.g. send 100 etn to paper wallet, send Another 100 etn to cryptopia, …to official wallet\cli wallet\hardware wallet.

But the safest seems to be etn official wallet.(if u can do kyc)


Safest wallet is paper wallet. It is unhackable. You are the owner of all keys. But you must store it secure. And don’t loose it.


As said above, paper wallet (when created and stored correctly) is the safest method to store ETN. Its mathematically impossible to hack.

After that i would suggest either the online wallet (which has heavy penetration testing by HackerOne) or liquid.com exchange (who run a 100% cold storage setup and are regulated in Japan).

After that, and the least safe method, is storing on other exchanges.


My approach is “Paper wallet” as in .pdf file compressed to a .7zip file with strong AES-256 encryption. Backed up to a multiple location and to multiple media. Your physical printed paper can be burned or stolen.

i’m also running the full ETN blockchain with the cli-wallet and have imported that same wallet in to it. Its safe because the keys are encrypted there also. cli-wallet has a strong password. This of course requires good computer security (no viruses,backdoors,keyloggers etc) to be used safely. I dont use Windows OS because of this.


Paper offline wallet would be for maximum security. Everything you need to know about paper wallet should be in the guide below.