Hodl Rocket Payout wrong?

Hey, I scored over 72000 coins in Hodl Rocket last week. I thought they paid out 1 ETN for every 1000 in the game? I just received 38 ETN, wheres the rest?
Anyone familiar with how they pay?

Ask them on their facebook page?

@JBroneum its correct, they change the payout to 0,5 etn for every 1000 points for this week. Also they have mentioned that they can only do 5 payouts at a time on the app before getting a waiting period. So it might be a while before everyone receives their payments.


its correct you need to watch their facebook acc for upadates… joined a lot of new users and they havent funds for so big fanbase… so they give lower reward 50% so now 1 REAL coin for every 2000 in game coins…

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Thanks, I missed that memo. Cool