HODL Rocket ..ϟ.. Earn free ETN while you're playing

Let’s talk about a new game called HODL Rocket that you can earn some real ETN while you’re enjoying playing it

Some of you may heard about it or even know & play it
And I’ll be glad to introduce it to other community members who don’t know about it

So, let’s begin …

⌬ About The Game :

HODL Rocket is a simple arcade game … Like “Flappy Bird”

It’s about an astronaut who flies in the space collecting our favorite gem Electroneum all the way up
And he has to pass through the narrow paths of Asteroids to collect each coin

Every time you collect 10 coins, the speed gets faster and the game gets harder

So, the more you collect ETN coins, the more your score will be

⌬ Now, How You Earn Real ETN Coins ?

For every game you play you get points that being added simultaneously to the “Total Score”

So, for every 2,000 points = 1 ETN

Every week, there is a leadboard for all “total scores” that is being achieved in this week
It’s is called “Coin Leaders”
You can play all the week to increase your total score
And every Sunday, the team is starting to pay every player who achieved a minimum total score of 1,000 points

For example, if you reach 40,000 as total score, then you get 20 ETN

Your ETN (ϟ) Prize = Your Total Score / 2,000

⌬ When You Get Paid ?

  • Every week on Sunday midnight

Note that your payout may get delayed a bit (1 or 2 days) as it’s being made manually by ETN Rocket team

⌬ How To Get Started ?

  1. Download HODL Rocket game (Available in Android and iOS)
  1. Open the game and type a username you choose

  2. Go to HODL Rocket official facbook page and send a private message to them contains your username & your ETN wallet address

Username : ******
ETN wallet : ******************************
  1. Now, go to the game & enjoy playing :rocket:
    And remember …
    the more you play, the more ETN you earn

⌬ Payouts & Total Scores Reset

Every Sunday the team reset all players’ scores to start fresh in the next week round
Then, payouts get started in the same day

Don’t forget to join HODL Rocket Team :rocket: group in Telegram for support & share scores

Share & let ETN spread the word :zap:

Have fun :zap:
#HODLRocket :rocket:

HODL Rocket is the first mobile game to enable earning free Electroneum through playing :zap:


That looks cool…is this legit?


Yes, it is … I have been using it for 2 weeks now
And yes, it’s paying

This is from last week ( ϟ16 )


Etn rocket man, funny​:smile::v:


another route to introduce ETN. Nice!


100% working app good job dev team~!!!


Think i will set my son on this, he will rock me…:smile:


I just downloaded it last night and going to give it a try today.


Damn. Rusty skills. Narrow hole. I just crash😄

I just downloaded got a high score for myself of 37 haha I’ll keep going

Update : 94 a little better

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Are your scores improving?

I’m getting addicted to it :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

I love this game and now we have all opportunity to earn more coins and now too give some SUGGESTION what we can have in GAME have a look at their post: