HMMMMMMMM I think this article a bit dodge

Just a brief topic I was reading this article and got the vibe that the writer doesn’t like the electroneum or fully grasp the concept of the project but don’t get be wrong he is correct to an extent

People opinons on the article ?

Its here YET… I think that we need to moderate here this forum…

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Where’s Mr Richard the best guy to answer

This is kind of aggravating to read actually. You can’t have a blockchain that marries security and instant transactions into one perfect coin. If that was on the table, then I suppose this articles criticism would be accurate… But it isn’t. LN doesn’t count because it is off-blockchain, so the same criticisms can be made.
The instant payments offered by Electroneum are presented in this article as “artificially instant”, but does the author realize that Visa’s instant payment works in almost the exact same way? Ridiculous.

End of vent. Thanks for the article!

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