HitBTC now live!


Hi guys,

Massive news for ETN: we’ve gone live on HitBTC!

We’re hugely excited to have been listed there (with three trading pairings: Bitcoin, Ethereum and USTD) as HitBTC is one of the largest exchanges in the world!

If you want to know more about our newest exchange partner, check them out at hitbtc.com


It is awesome-THX and Happy days :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Amazing timing!

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Wen hitbtc?
Now Hitbtc!


yes yes yes!!! yep yep yep its reality!!! our dream comes true!!1 congrulations my boys and girsl!!!


Nice finally, slap the fud slap the fud.


Yep. Good. Really good yep. (Hopefully enough characters)


Wish it’d added in better situation of market!


Great news! Another step towards mass adoption. We’re getting there! :grin:


I still don’t believe it. :rofl:
But apparently it is true.
Nice! I think…


Be careful if you plan to use HitBTC to trade ETN


Its like 15$ fee ? Well I think other cryptos have similar fees on hitbtc. I think its fine. Ofcourse it sucks if you want to buy small amounts but for that we have cryptopia :slight_smile:


Great news guys nice work


i like liquid exchange for small amounts of ETN. better pairings too.


All HitBTC trading pairs now showing on CMC.