HITBTC listing delay enters Guinness book of records

This exchange listing delay must be the longest in crypto history, This tweet from ETN team was posted in January 2018 its been a whole 10 months moving into the 11th month soon,

weve been waiting for ETN to list on HitBTC for practically a year !!, definitely one for the record books

Makes me feel like it will never happen, haha

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I think we are close. Its already in their API and being a high priority. To be honest. I’m glad that we get added now and not earlier. This is a much better time.

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yes you are true, we hadnt better moment than it is now

agreed 100% due to the more stable state were in now

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At this point ETN should just tell them not to add it. Imagine if the listing takes this long. How long will be the maintenance times be :flushed:


IMO, They need to sort out their ongoing Issues with Existing Coins + Customers before they start adding any new Assets. Too many unhappy Customers waiting for solutions to previous Issues, including locked funds. Doesn’t make them look any better leaving tons of Customers Unhappy while continuing to add Assets.

If this is the reason, i will forgive them. If this isn’t the reason then i’d rather live without them at this point. It is absolutely unacceptable for any ETN buyers to go through what HitBTC’s Customers seem to be going through since earlier this year.

@Izmo I laughed at your title but could not like your post. Liked your 2nd post instead :wink: HitBTC has so many coins they have to maintain, it’s actually a wonder they have time for adding new ones. I do believe it’s the perfect time now for ETN to be on at least one high volume exchange.

Definitely something to consider. Id hate to have a real issue and need help on that exchange.