HitBTC deposit QR integrated address can't be scanned/read by beta iOS app


iOS beta app is not able to decipher HitBTC’s “integrated address" QR-code which incorporate the payment ID into the receiving address

Manually pasting the etn deposit address (both app/web and CLI) works great however :smiley:

Will this be fixed in the next version of the app, or is HitBTC creating invalid QR-codes by mistake?

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Good post. Maybe you need to create a support ticket like they advised when you find a bug :slight_smile:


It’s the QRCode that HitBTC is displaying that is not correct, I’ve sent that to the team in the middle of the night


@MohamedAfifi here’s reason you were having a issue with the wallet yesterday.


Thanks a lot for the mention. Good that we now know the reason.