High risk countries

Hi i’ m asking how can I trust to use that as everyday adoption system and all my community especially world 3 counties and I made the full KYC from the beginning of its time and my account may temporarily or permanently withdraw my right to use the Services and Digital Content (or any part of them) without liability to me !!! in my case I m college and a lot of people around me are the same we use the system as new daily payment system but with that restricting statement sorry we can’t use that . how you name that solution and solve the unbanked people? I would try to understand cuz I have a reach a lot of people around the community in my state and every day I got that question. all that data provided and still had that problem please explain that thank you so much.

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You understand that is a clause simply to cover the bases should they find themselves at the centre of questionable activities and transactions? Like terrorist finance… Etc. It’s simply to protect the company and its reputation legally. Allowing them the legal term and condition accepted position to cooperate with authorities. “A leg to stand on” per say.

It’s not something they would actively pursue on a one on one level. “High risk countries” is not a generalization where everyone gets their funds frozen, just because.

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With no terrorist activity me myself I’m full KYC and don’t have that much of money but still fraid about my account .what can I do I don’t want the worry things i send all my documents just not Express that thing but still no 100 % confidence.


Otherwise I have to delete my account and told the to realise all my provided data .so please I want a really answer by team .

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Hi. We have a list of countries given to us from the government. We have to follow the guidelines and we cannot make exceptions. I understand the frustration, but this is non-negotiable.

Thank you Rachel .now we can take off . How can I delete all my provided data which I provide let me make that clearly before you close my account accidentally me and all my friends 17 gonna take off .hope to explain how we could do that thanks again .

You need to make a support ticket: https://support.electroneum.com

But let me tell you that with a full kyc approved account’s it’s not fair and by that im sorry to tell but ETN will not take that much of trust people gonna use the offline wallets without any problems and I used it . How could I ! I’m still loving the project and still going with it tell end but I guess I’ll not never ever use that online wallet by which you threghting me that will close at any time !


The choice is yours…

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Please provide the list of countries on that list.

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thank u . sure is mine ill try to watch other country’s users.

Here you go
American Samoa
The Bahamas
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago
US Virgin Islands

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I don’t think that’s a complete list @furios

Countries designated as a “high-risk third country” by the European Commission or as a “high risk and other monitored jurisdiction” by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Info: High Risk third country / High Risk and other minitored jusidiction ( please note these are subject to change by the relevant governing bodies )


That just what I saw .I don’t know anyway .but I guess team had to relook about some situations .full kyc accounts with no loundry money transfers (not that big transfer but everyday transfer things ) should use electroneum online wallet with 100 % trust as daily wallet .I can tell you sir that you lost the Turkish community turst in online wallet cuz im gonna rethought people about what I saw .just to make sure not everyone had to lose there money or anything else. Even in tow minutes if I where new to project a could take away my bath from it by mis Rachel reply which has no user lovely , consider costumer just if wanna leave go leave ! .it’s seriously problem for real as a lover of project either close the offline wallet or try to solve this proplem . Soryy for that what do you know about people using offline wallets as money loundrying . Me as a normal man especially college don’t have that much of money and I hope to use online wallet as my daily activity things so please consider that and thank you again @BegaMutex best team ever best project.:kissing_heart:

I thought you had posted a list of target markets for a moment then. :slight_smile:

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for a while absolutely right from your view. those country doesn’t have the banking methods and hope to help all of them to solve that but with right now rules I don’t think that would be done ETN should look about that not make the same wrong as European Union countries by making that silly statements terrorist activities or like things!!! all people live there ETN could help them .for example we are working on new blockchain tech to solve the refuges problems here in turkey. we have a good experiment with (WFP) and a lot of people using it but i can see that ETN doesn’t need that thing and don’t need that mass adoption here ok its such an opinion for them .but i guess should u make such new thinking method

here you go watch this and then tell us costumers about that silly things account temporally restricting things or same things . just think about it ETN have the pot but :sweat_smile:!!! watch and learn https://un-blockchain.org/category/wfp/

watch watch and then reply .