Hide Wallet Balance

I would remove the wallet balance from the pay, receive screen. When the payment feature is used in real life situations people can see the amount of ETN and try to steal it.

yeah that is an interesting point worth looking at .


What a simplistically brilliant idea @17d474144d624132c86c surely this has to be considered @Rach? It seems very sensible indeed.


Hide total balance (and send/received amounts) toggle has been suggested a few times to the team by the community.

We haven’t had any feedback on it as of yet. Would be a nice addition in a future update.


How would they steal? Steal the cell phone or the coin? For the coin, you have to enter the pin.

Yeah I have had this idea for along time its like people being able to see your bank balance every time you pay not ideal.

Imagine having 2mil ETN on app when paying for bread in store…and the price is $2… :smiley:

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Yep you would probably loose your head double time lol

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walking out of store, then 2 guys jump at you…beat you… :smiley: that would be a great update to have.

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