Hi please help me "Anytask payment issues" stop working or eror?

#payment issues
payment at anytask status is complete
but my last payment didn’t go to my electroneum account

is there the same?

I assume you mean you sold a task?

The buyer has to sign off that the task has been completed before payment is made.

If that’s done, then just be patient… the funds will go into your account.

You can always use the support.anytask.com help-desk as well, but i suggest you just give it a little time.


yes sold task
This payment usually arrives in a few minutes
this from yesterday did not enter my electroneum account

I do not know why …maybe eror?
I just want to hear here
do other people experience like me “payment issues”
please comment:)

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I am experiencing same here too. Mine is since last Saturday, 2 completed orders and payments have not entered my ETN wallet. I have complained and was told the team will look into it. Pretty sure our funds are safe. I hope so!!


Thanks for commenting
I just want to know
how many people experience it
maybe have to be patient :slight_smile:


Update! i just got payment notification for the 2 completed task from last Saturday.


I have not … maybe this takes a little time

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hi @Q1kfingers
how long anytask support will reply?

I have not yet received any reply from support team but the payment came through after like 4 days.

I think it takes time sometime but it will come, don’t worry. I got another order delivered yesterday and the funds appeared in my ETN wallet this morning. Guess it’s fast sometimes and a bit slow at times.

anytask uses blockchain
I guess the transaction is sent
encountered an error ‘retrying status’

maybe the unpaid payment was a transaction error
transaction got stuck and was given ‘retrying status’

I also experienced it when sending etn
the transaction may take approximately one week to complete

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