Hi im getting 0.01 every 5-8 hours since last week?

as title says… same as my wife shes getting bugger all now aswell? is this a bug or is this how fast it is now? take me over a month to get 1 etn :confused:

The price of ETN has changed so the payout amount will also. The only other thing you can do is refer others to boost the amount you get.

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wow so it has droped that much in a couple weeks? from almost 10 ETN a day to 0.01 - 0.02 a day …?

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I don’t ever remember getting 10 a day more like 10 every 3-5days? we also have more user numbers so maybe thats a factor also the ETN team have not said anything as far as Im aware.

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I has dropled dramatically indeed. The last 20 days I only got 0.4 etn a day. At the current rate that would get me $0.65 a year :rofl:
I woyld have to open my app at least every week to keep it running. 0.65 devided bij 52 is $0.0125. This is what you get for your “activity”. I know it is free but that is just to close to nothing for me.


Same here Im guessing they have changed something, this has seemed to have happened in the past and then gone back to normal somewhat guess we have to wait for an update from the team…

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It’s 27 days since my last 100 ETN payout and I have been connected mobile mining constantly since that payout.

In those 27 days since, I have mined 13.27 ETN.

A quick calculation would indicate at this rate (constantly connected) - I will earn 100 ETN every 203.47 days.

At current market price, this earns me 1 cent (€) every 5 and a quarter days.

There are no words to describe how this actually compares to Richards idealised impression of how the miner functions - not now and particularly not back when much higher “pigs flying” mobile miner payout figures were talked about by Richard.

LOL i dont think this coin is about the $$$ but more to get people into the crypto world ?

thats good tho spreed the crypto love :grin::grin::grin::grin:

before cloud mining came out i was getting maybe 5 a day? cant remember

Is there a live partner where you are located? In other words do you currently live in SA?

If not then mybe take a second to ponder the sitution.

You are aware of the purpose of the miner right?

You know it is not just for the sake of charity, but rather a tool to aid use, viral growth and adoption right?

So I ask again, is there a live partnership where you live where you can spend your ETN? The pre-mined supply isn’t just for users, it is also for partner rewards.

After you work that all out in your head, then ask yourself if maybe users in SA are receiving more ETN since there is a live partnership there.

Then after you work that out, maybe go back and look at what the actual plan is and see if you can find where anyone stated that the mobile/cloud miner exists just for the sake of spitting out as many free coins as possible to every user around the world.

If the plan doesn’t become obvious to you, then I guess you never understood it and never will.

I stopped reading after “live partner”…

Do you realise a penny every 5 days isn’t going to do much for on boarding… Or at least only idiots like me will remain faithful and continue mobile mining for the simple reason to keep the connected miners number up in the app and not have this thing go completely into obscurity - which it very easily could.

Do you also realise back when pigs were actually seen flying from inside the ETN office windows - Richard once spoke gleefully about $30 a month possibilities.

No, I don’t expect that £$€ at all - but it would be nice if the miner actually gave new people (not me, I’m well invested with my own hard cash and a few measly ETN makes no difference to my bags), a reason not to scoff and laugh derisively before quickly uninstalling, and gone forever.

If you don’t understand how incredibly stupid much less than 1 - 2 Euro / Dollar (maybe only 50-60 cent) is for a whole year connected, then you are missing the issue here.

The miner used to give 3 or 4 a day, now it’s 1 every 5 days. This is not progress.

I doubt it stays like that for a year heh. Man some of you people are impatient.
You think they are getting these small amounts in SA?

I don’t recall Richard talking about $30 per month, I do recall mention of that amount in the white paper.

Things have changed quite a bit since then ya know. Change isn’t bad, it’s just change. Sustainable changes are good…not bad.

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It’s the complete lack of incentive to attract genuine and long term believers in Electroneum.

And don’t project your impatient view on to me - I’ve been using this app since I was included in beta testing phase. Just blindly saying, everything is fine, is actually bad for progress.

The fact of the matter is the current mobile miner payout is simply embarrassing and it’s not the lack of a few free ETN that has me annoyed.

Who realistically is going to recommend the app at that incentive to friends or family - “a penny every 5 days, quick… sign me up”.

If mobile mining is the initial selling point (attraction) then these standards are seriously sub-par.

Look at Coinbase Earn, they regularly give away $10-50 worth of crypto (yes the higher includes referrals, but equally so does ETN and 4 referrals won’t earn you $40 in ETN). It’s all just on boarding (essentially free airdrop) under a different guise.

So ETNs free crypto via mobile mining, looks increasingly and exceptionally more pitiful all of a sudden earning what, a quid or 2 if you’re lucky each year.

And again, it’s not about earning the ETN, it’s about the complete lack of incentive to new comers, those very same new comers we need for this to be a success.

I’m all for supporting ETN, but give me something worth supporting !

ETN has done virtually no marketing since the ICO, except for little small scale promotion of the Instant payment system to potential vendors and even that was not a full blown ad campaign.

ETN will focus initial advertising campaigns in the regions they have live partnerships along with marketing by and in cooperation with the partner(s) in that area.

None of that has even began, just one small on the ground awareness building, preliminary branding, boots on the ground trial campaign unsupported by traditional marketing methods.

ETN has not marketed ETN to anyone In their target markets yet. The new users they are going after in those markets are and will receive more than those of us that are not in those areas. That’s not hard to figure out. It’s the plan.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if you support ETN or not. ETN will be fine without you.

I am responding because your line of thinking is flawed. Not really concerned if you agree or not.

It’s very odd to me that you don’t consider new users in SA as newcomers. I can’t even begin to argue that because it’s so ridiculous. It’s also quite silly that you have some how come to the conclusion that those new users in SA don’t have any incentives to get involved with ETN.

How can I convince and why would I even try to convince someone who has come to those conclusions.

New users everywhere now get 25 ETN just for creating their accounts. No incentives?

I don’t know man. You are trying to convince the wrong person that ETN is as flawed as you try to portray.

You will have to find someone else that will listen to nonsense. It is not me.

I believe that just based on the upcoming virtualized wallet system with on network, zero fees, instant instant instant payment system that ETN has a bright future. Even without any mobile partners, gig guru, cloud mining, signup incentives, ect. How you imagine I feel about it’s chances with all of that and more?

So…you are barking up the wrong tree man.

I know what I know and see what you think you have figured out. I’ll ride my horse.

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Ok, similar to how you imposed your impatience view on me (because you know me intimately obviously), you are now positioning us as:

Me, somehow not accepting (or considering) SA as valid newcomers - Boooo!!!
You, as the unofficial ETN SA welcoming party - Cheers!!!

(…clearly there is a good guy and a bad guy here and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out who’s right… that’s what you’ve set up here). This is childish logic on your behalf.

It’s simple psychology and an unsophisticated way to structure or win an argument.

This thread is about mobile miner payout dissatisfaction and I expressed some of my reasons. Only some reasons b.t.w,. I have strong feelings about this whole Africa approach which I won’t go into here…

Some of your points are valid - but not for this arguement about diminishing mobile miner pay. You are including marketing for what reason. And why is all this “they haven’t even started marketing yet” some kind of badge of honour?

Look, I like that you are there to defend ETN. Seriously - I do. I have defended ETN vociferously on social media too, at quite some length I might add. But you are confusing valid criticism with invalid criticism.

The valid criticism that the mobile miner payout has been dropping lower and lower to the point of pointlessness and there is something very stink about that. If this is a reasonable approach, why don’t ETN announce it to avoid confusion.

And we all know this thread will be locked soon to shut down perceived dissenting voices.

If you can, please link to where you refer to SA getting higher payout presumably based on geographical considerations.

This also is not right in my opinion, but I need some facts based evidence.

In SA they getting now around 400 ETN/month (promotion)… later they will get around 100 ETN/month… look on FB SA page… we did ask locals and that was the answer.

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I don’t use facebook… have you a link?

Shouldn’t that information be in here somewhere?

A promotion is one thing and not what is implied above.

There was write 100 ETN/month… not sure his to post that link… possible some guys can do it this better then me haha :wink:

Check this out… read comments

Thanks, I’ll take a look at those links shortly… but would first like to point to the following official announcement here on this forum by Richard back in December

So I’m sorry if you are not mining what you expect, or if you are experiencing our app crashing while mining. We are working on not just a fix but a MASSIVE improvement, which will make our growth in the regions we are targeting hundreds of times stronger.”.

So the current huge drop in cloud mining is this “massive improvement” Richard speaks about.

I don’t think so somehow.