Here's how to get your tutorial badges


After noticing over on the badges page that you can get 2 badges for completing a new user tutorial as well as an advanced user tutorial, I set out to look for these tutorials. But no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find them!

It was only after looking through other people’s posts and deciphering several messages that I figured out how it works.

Hence this guide to prevent someone else from having the same problem.

New User Tutorial

  1. Click your name in the top right corner, and then click on the Messages icon in the top right of the popup box.
  2. On the Messages page, click on the blue button that says New Message.
  3. In the “add a user” box, type @ETNbot to send a message to the Electroneum bot. Type anything in the subject and message boxes (and make sure the messages is more than 20 characters, or you’ll get an error).
  4. The bot will reply with a message about help. Reply back to him and type the following: @ETNbot start new user
  5. The bot will then write back and guide you through the tutorial. Follow along until the tutorial is completed.

Note: If you get stuck on the flagging-a-post part, just type skip to carry on. Thanks for @BegaMutex for pointing this out.

Advanced User Tutorial

After completing the new user tutorial, you can also complete the advanced user tutorial by replying with: @ETNbot start advanced user

You should get a little certificate after completing each tutorial, as well as the associated badges!



I need all the badges , make it easy to obtain
This is funny but I need to know

Small note, if you get stuck on the “Report a message” stage of the tutorial, just reply with “skip” to that part and you can bypass it.


Nice tutorial Benjamin, thank you for this! Just completed them myself and I am now licensed :wink:


Great thank you for your help.


Thank for the tutorial @benjaminoo i think it will help a lot of new people :sunglasses:


How did you get the Advanced before the New User?


No idea! :grinning: I think you just have to complete each one. Doesn’t matter in which order.


Oh…well thanks to this help section I got both of mine done no problem. Thank you.


Hi here we have only 30 advanced users here? From community 4000+ membres? Actual number you can check here:
Make something with it… join us and be advanced and receive another BADGE :slight_smile:


Wow, thank you!! I really appreciate it.


Baked, Put a Fork in it and DONE!


Nice to see that we have 5 new advanced users congrats :wink:


Praise the lord for this post, wouldn’t have had a clue otherwise. Maybe why the numbers are so low?


@ETNbot start advanced user


Do it in a private message buddy!


53 advanced from total 5000+ who will be next?