Here's an idea for you to ignore


Don’t complete the kyc level two so when your account got hacked they can’t transfer all those electroneums


lol @Emmanuel , how are you going to buy yourself a lambo in a few years?


When it’s upto that I will complete it and pim I do it and transfer


sounds like a plan :+1:


Yes yes yes it a plan bro it makes electroneum safer


not going to be able to buy expensive stuff with a non-KYC dusty paper-wallet or non-KYC non-official desktop-wallet you know :wink:
Every purchase has to be open and traceable KYC-style :grin:


Still, in Canada and maybe on a few other countries, BTC is recognized as a payment currency. How can they do that with a privacy coin?


Hmmm bro serious consideration has to be made