Help with instant payment api / .net - c#

good morning everyone!

Since the end of last year, I started to introduce the Electroneum in a game championship called Top eleven independently in the Brazilian community on Facebook.

They are people who did not know crypto-coins and are having the first contact. Players sign up with only 10 ETN’s and in return they can win cash prize, ETN or game items.

We are already in the 6th edition and with the participation of more than 20 recurring players. This is my website for anyone who wants to know:

The demand for gift card from google play to buy game items is great and my idea is to have a website where they can exchange ETN for gift card. I’ve been a C # programmer, but I confess that at the moment I’m a bit rusty

I started looking at the Instant Pay API and found an unofficial dotnet library, but I have information that I could not associate with the official documentation. Can someone help me?



// initial vendor setup
var apiKey = “your-etn-api-key”;
var apiSecret = “your-etn-api-secret”;
var vendor = new EtnVendor (apiKey, apiSecret);

// prepare qr code from payment
var amountInCurrency = 10m; // decimal amount in your currency
var currency = “aud”; // payment currency
var outlet = “your-outlet-id”;
var paymentid = “abc1234567”; // payment id according to ethn guidelines
var qrCodeUrl = await vendor.GetQrAsync (amountInCurrency, currency, outlet, paymentid);

What is the reference to the outlet variable in the official documentation?

Wrote the full Shopify plugin (which is currently ready and waiting for beta testing), so I have a bit of experience with the API :slight_smile: I’m have close to zero experience in C# though, but I’m more than happy to help with any API questions you have, just PM me :wink:

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Awesome to see the talent we have in here.
All I can add is there is only one platform available at present (that I am currently aware of) that speaks directly to the blockchain in C# & .net