Help with deposit


I made a transfer from Kucoin to my ETN wallet about 5hrs ago and it still isn’t showing in my ETN wallet. Anybody else having this problem today? Also can anybody point me in the right direction to contact Electroneum about it directly if I need to. I can’t seem to find any contact details anywhere. Thank you. for any account related issues.


Relax, it can take varying amounts of time. Makes you nervous doesn’t it? Give it until tomorrow and see what happens, remember this is blockchain. Your funds can be tracked.


Yeah i agree with @wTz1 … we’ve all sat there waiting panicking biting nails etc… kucoin takes a while sometimes , I had to wait 2 weeks once with huobi that was fun :rofl::rofl:

Is it doesn’t arrive contact kucoin they will sort it or as bega said raise a support ticket.

But do not worry ive never lost one etn transferring to the wallet :grin::+1:

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