Help with badges please


Hi @BegaMutex , the badge system is a great reward system for us in the community but I am having an issue with one of these little buggers …

The reader badge will not for the life of me go green , no tick . I’ve read threads over the hundred mark yet still no completion.

Am I doing something wrong

I know im a sad old sod but hey if that badge is there I want it hahahaha

Any help appreciated


Chris :laughing:


Not sure Chris. I think mine took a few days to show up. Make sure you read each post in the thread for it to register. (i.e. dont skim through it.)


I’ve been in the fight the etn dump club thread since it started , over 2180 messages each and everyone read lol.

Dam badges hahahhahaha

Thanks for the reply mate

Have a good one


I read a 100-post thread slowly and surely as well to try and make it go green. It wouldn’t do it straight away. It went green a few days later when I was busy with something else! :grin:


Nice thanks for the info


Having the same Reader Badge not unlocking issue despite having taken my time reading several 100+ reply threads.


Mine took ages to come through , so it will come lol… sounds familiar like most etn things it takes time hahahhahaha


Reader Badge eventually arrived today


Congratulations . Mine took 2 weeks hahaha


howto professor? thanks


nevermind, found it…