Help pls delete my account

I have not been able to contact help
I want to delete all my info and close down my wallet. I can not access the help.
no matter howIi enter my email and password I get refused.
As I can not communicate in this system this is my only option to let admin know that this has been the most nerveracking unfruitful crypto I have been involved with.
I hope everyone does better than I did.
regards Alexander Wadeisha User2145 plese remove me from the community page also

Support uses a separate account. If you have not used support before create a support account with different password than your wallet.

What issues are you having that you need to contact support maybe we can help.

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I have tried support does not work with password the wallet , does not work with password of the email and does not work with a newly created password so i can not access my information and delete my account details.
the limit is too low for me to store my ETN here and I do not trust this yoti thing at all.
So I had no other option than to post here.
Now I will make us of the rest of the day after 6 hours of gettiing signed up and having a 150 Euro limit over 3 months.
This is not working for me.
Thanks for reaching out and if you are able to contact those that I can’t that is abut the only help I could use.
regards Alexander

Support is a different account with a different password.

I think there is a way to send in verification straight to Electroneum to verify your account.
Are you willing to get your account verified so you have higher limits? It is not much different than getting verified on a exchange.

@BegaMutex might be able to help out

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No I wish to delete all my account info and am not getting verfied by yoti after checking out there website.
Waiting for ETN to return to exchange and will be swaped straight away for other projects.

This has been revealing at least for me.

Thanks for the help so far.

regards Alexander

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I believe you are able to get verified through Electroneum directly without using yoti.

Can you share why you are reluctant or why it’s unappealing to you to use yoti for verification of your account?

I have gone through all that basic verification. I can not access any information nor contact anyone to delete all my detail, cloce the wallet and remove me from the community one this is all sorted.
regards Alexander

I’m talking about kyc 2 and 3 verification through Electroneum. You’ll need to contact support first to proceed with sending documents directly to them first though. Let’s see if @BegaMutex can help you any.

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I have already explained all that in my post.

I can not communicate with electroneum as no matter how l rty it does not work.

I have sold al my ETN and want to have all my info deleted.

My wallet disabled these 6 houres of being sent around in circles and being nannied and limited has changed the way I see this.

Thank you all for trying but nothing to resolve this has come up as yet.

Can’t find how to delete myself from this community either can edit but not delete.

regards Alexander

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What is all about that drama Alexander? Can you let us know what is a reason?.. you so desperate to vanish? :thinking:


I can not do much in the wallet and having looked into it after signing up it is not what I want so l want to remove myself and my personal details from the ETN eco system.

That is what I want help with.

I may have another try with password tomorrow to see if l can contact help.

This coin and this wallet is not for me to restictive and too much control.

Maybe somw tips on what needs to be in the pasword to contact help.

Then I may be able to delete my info and leave. Same goes for deleting my community account.

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Firstly, as was already explained above, the support system is not the same as your wallet. You need a support login to raise tickets.

Visit , create an account and then raise a support ticket.

Second, just so that you know, as with all financial data in the EU, Electroneum Ltd is likely required by law to keep information for a minimum period. This will have been in the terms you signed when creating the account. So by all means request the account be closed, but it probably cant be deleted until after the statutory period. I’m sure Support will be able to give you more specific details.

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