Help Me! Please


Hi Guys
I Clone Electroneum App And After I Do That , Miner Show Hashrate And Started But don’t mining By Original Or Cloned App.
I Delete Clone And Original App And Reinstall And Login For Few Times But Still Banned.
Can Anyone Help Me? Please


aw man… you shouldn’t have done that… you must read their terms and agreement before doing such acts…


You’ve been shadow banned. Game over.

The miner detects clones, and can now severely restrict your miner


You tried to rip off the project and got caught… The terms and conditions are clear.

You effectively opted out of the mining experience…


Shouldnt have tried cheaating the system.
ETN miner could have been with you for years but you messed it up.


Everyone needs to ensure they read and understand the terms and conditions they agree to when using the mobile miner.


Why should you done that?


Because It Was faster My Mining :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Lol now see what u facing,
I mean why should you try to cheat the system


LOL! Cheater got rekt!


Why bother doing that? When you can buy $100 worth of ETN, amount which you can make in a year with your mobile miner, even if the clones worked.
And you can’t talk about clones, when you know that people from ETN are here on the forum. :rofl:


Do you hear yourself?


I think this thread has run its course.

Let it act as a warning to anyone thinking about misusing Electroneum Ltd services. The safe guards are in place to stop people abusing the system and to ensure that the Mobile Miner can be used by all and help on route to mass adoption.

Reminder for anyone watching, please make sure you read and understand the Terms of use: