Help me, please. APP mobile mine very slow

Hello guys for a few days the mobile app does not mine. Mine as 0.01 ETN daily and I don’t know why. Before that happened, I’d be mining like 10 ETN every day and a half.

Someone would know what the cause?

I have done KYC1 and closed session and restart, but I do not find the solution.


Hi this is the same for everyone the mobile miner is paying less since the price of the coin has gone up and also there are more users this will naturally happen as ETN gets bigger. They will constantly adjust the amount that is being payed out based on different numbers such as user numbers and the current price of ETN.

Do you have multiple accounts?
Did you use clone apps ?
Did you login into 2 device with one account?
Did you try cheating in anyway?
If you did any of them then you have been banned.

To make sure take a support ticket for help.

use a code of you havent yet. “F9C6EF” well give a boost.

I have exactly the same problem, my account has not been blocked and the mine almost does not mine anything. Before it was 5 ETN per day

how much are you mining give us numbers? I was getting about 10ETN every 3days now its about every 3weeks

earlier I had 10 ETNs for 2 - 3 days, and now I have 0.03 ETN per day… disaster

Whats your hashrate?

All the time I have 30H/s

I’m at 30 h/s but still mining 10 coins in under 3 days .

Ok that is strange much faster then me at 30H/s lol

I’ve used several devices but none at once. Whenever I’ve used a device for the mine the other one was already off.

And the Hasrate is 30. I do not know if I am banned or not, even if I was could not start session.

I’m sorry, I do not remember ETN funding 10 every 1.5 days based on 30 hashes. At minimum for months on it has been at least 3.5 days per 10 Electroneum on 30 hashes a second. Reward from mobile miner will vary on a few things.

But hopefully this official blog post can clear things up a little bit:

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I had same problem for a while and was earning 10 etn per day running app all day now not as much. i had to reload app once and that did the trick.

Same thing at my end. I lately mine only about 0,01 ETN per day, which is dust, not worth running the app.

I had same problem with mine, only about 0,01 ETN per day… @Rach can you help mi with this?

Hi Mam, your earnings are limited as per our terms and conditions (Section 17 as suspicious mobile mining activity has been detected on your account by our algorithm.

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Hello Rachel, I have no doubt of the algorithm, but rather due to fail.

No it is the way by which determines that I have used more than 1 device of mine at the same time. He commented that I have used 3 different mining devices, but any of them I have used it at the same time to undermine, therefore not in breach of any of the terms.

I am looking forward to your response.