Help! I don't remember my ETN account phone number

As the title says, I don’t remember the phone number of my ETN account.
I have multiple phone numbers I use on a daily basis and I really don’t remember what is the one I used for this specific account, given the fact that I created my account 4 months ago or so.
It would have been nice to have the phone number on the profile page of the account, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Do you guys know how could I find it?

Raising a support ticket is the only place to talk in regards to any type of account credentials and information. Perhaps Electroneum officials could help you change your current number listed on the account to a new number.

Visit to raise a ticket.

The fact is that actually the support team is the one asking me for the number. I had another issue with some ETN transfer from wallet to wallet, that is already 6 days old, and I need the number for this.

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I hope support has a way dealing with these type of situations if you no longer have access to a telephone number. Hopefully they have other means of verifying you. If support can not help you with this issue, I certainly can not give you any other direction.

This is my hope as well.

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