[Help] electroneumd - Address already in use

Hello everyone,

I have reinstalled my OS about 5-6 months ago and I thought it’s the perfect time to refresh some of my crypto wallets up to date.
However, on ETN side, I am now facing a problem.
Whichever version of electroneumd.exe I start, I get this error:

2021-09-15 18:55:32.501 I core RPC server started ok
2021-09-15 18:55:32.509 E ZMQ RPC Server bind failed: Address in use
2021-09-15 18:55:32.509 E Failed to add TCP Socket ( to ZMQ RPC Server

And well, the sync doesn’t start at all.

The “problem” is that before I start this daemon, I simply do not have any other app running on this “26982” port, as per Powershell - it’s only assigned whenever I open the electroneumd.exe itself.
I also tried restarting my PC, but it still didn’t work out.
I also tried changing the rpc port via “–rpc-bind-port=40000” but although it’s originally saying that it’s using that port for the RPC Server, it’s still coming back to the default “26982” and exists with the same error.
I also tried using multiple electroneumd.exe versions, from two different Blockchain versions (3.2/4.0).
Does anybody have any further idea in solving this? I googl’ed quite a bit but I couldn’t find anything more useful than what I already tried with no success.

Thank you a lot in advance and best regards.

You might need the latest cli. Here is the link:

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Thanks a lot for your fast reply, but I already downloaded it and it was the same.
However, after yet another OS restart, I had several programs which opened at start-up, which I closed, and then the sync started successfully.
Very weird, as, as I said, before opening this daemon, Windows didn’t report any other process running on that port.

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