Hello. I wanted to present this idea. for turkey

Hello my name mehmet

I have a good a idea
There are potential markets that can deal with electroneum.this grocery chains are highly specific stores in Turkey, they can see their ads on television. You can see the brochure and billboard anywhere. from 7 to 70 years, everyone is shopping in these markets
Try to make a deal that you would like to offer a suggestion about.
market names are as follows;
number of stores
BİM = 5500 www.bim.com.tr
ŞOK = 7000 www.sokmarket.com.tr
A101 = 9000 www.a101.com.tr
MİGROS = 1970 www.migros.com.tr

You can make an agreement with these companies.

I am sorry for my english trying good writer but I wanted to present this idea.

That is an awesome idea actually - its good mainstream adoption to get those chains on board and easy to integrate into checkout payments. Hope they can do it.



Can you pass on to the team

Any idea is a good idea.



I have a so many idea as long as a team leader will listen to me, I know what people on how to behave turkey and turkey
I living in turkey


I want to add articles on this topic, but I can not edit.


this topic on anydesk,
handcrafted in turkey, lace, mesh, giftware, organic cream, there are a lot of pages that sell organic agricultural products. companies, wholesalers, instagram sales, etc.

make a powerful advertising channel with news or social media over turkey will attract everyone’s attention.

The shop margin through the computer will attract too much attention to those who sell all kinds of samples too much

if you have read the previous position. turkey ETN will support a lot of years.

if you do this, the Turks will be very interested.
1 million or 20 million will take care of children or adults


It is not possible in the short term. highly developed payment infrastructure in Turkey.

There is very high competition.
Alternative payment channels. 1 client gifts about $ 5 to win.

Even if you integrate it into the store, you need to make a serious promotion.

Yes , I know ,different crises, there may be infrastructure, I want you to think about this advantage.

If you are able to implement this Idea it will help in the adoption of ETN in your country. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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