Hello~i have some questions

how’s the reward of mining???i heard it is around 10000 ETN and is decreasing . how does it decrease? by how much?? thank you very much

You can get the information from most mining pools. Here is a link to one where you can see the trend of how this is currently working. Once there you can also click on an individual block to see the breakdown.

ok thank you very much

If you want to mine more ETN an ASIC miner is much more efficient and consumes less power than mining solely on a PC. Of course this comes at a price. You can do your own research and find the most affordable ASIC miner for your budget. I hope this helps :slight_smile:.

thanks a lot~~~~~~~~~

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Click guide above. You’ve got plenty of time to accumulate Golden Ells, although reward is getting smaller and smaller :wink: