Hello I have a idea

Everyone meeting Anytask right! :clap:,

Let’s create a place to share daily videos like twitch and youtube.:smirk:

Let’s send gifts from chat. Taking ETN in dollars :heavy_dollar_sign:, … person SENDED 100 ETN.:point_left:
He send a lambo 1000 ETN👈
She likes your video 10 etn👈
Congratulation you gotta 1 million follower , You are the distinguished streamer for ETN :yum:

Everyone is broadcast live from Youtube gaming or Twitch.tv channel. New people are looking for a place to be famous :wink:

people will receive ETN with dollars and donate it to STREAMER. :sunglasses:

I am sorry my english, I am trying speak english😞

:purple_heart: ETN LiveStream​:purple_heart:

:point_right:Please write your comments.:point_left:

It’s a decent idea :bulb:
Many thanks for your contribution

I think you will have better success in creating tools to implement in existing platforms. If you have a web API that can receive donations and webhook them to show alerts / donation messages it could be implemented into already established platforms, and without having to partner up with Twitch/YouTube either.

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Thank you , and this + no ad needed. Let’s change it with a button from Anytask website.

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A transaction will be required through crypto money and such a shopping will occur. other than thousands of well-known youtubers currently trying to make videos

I think great idea😁

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You mean like …?


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Yes :clap: right like a them, but with electroneum


I like this idea a lot!

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Yes , @BegaMutex look please?

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