Heads up to all FUD INCOMING by Chico Crypto

Just giving you guys a heads up ,

Chico Crypto is doing featured hit pieces on a few coins hes targeted , hes starting off with VeChain today. Electroneum is going be targeted next watch out for that in the coming days

dont take this guy seriously hes trying to stirr controversy to promote his brand

don’t worry, I don’t take him seriously.

I’ve zero idea who this person is and I’m not bothered in the slightest , besides any mention of our name is advertising so he can say what he wants and he will only look like a tool in the end .
We all know etn is going to be huge…

Haters gonna hate lol


probably a paid blockstream troll

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He is drunk 70% of the time lol


You hit the nail on the head , he sponsors a drink every episode lol no wonder hes not a credible source since hes drunk most of the time