Having problems sending, didn't have these problems before


Hello, could anyone give me any idea what has changed with the transaction system? For the past three months, I’ve been quite happily been sending out multiple payments with no problems. A few weeks ago, something changed and I could only send Five in a row before encountering an error. This slowed down making payments to my users, but it was bearable.

I’m trying to make this week’s payments, and I’m now having to send one by one the transactions, waiting for the first transaction to complete before I make the new one, otherwise, the transaction fails. This means we’ve gone from being able to send multiple transactions to only being able to send one transaction every 20 odd minutes.

I’ve got a 2000 transaction for ETN that a customer is waiting for still stuck as retrying, my customer has been waiting for two days now and the last response I had from the support desk was at 12:39pm yesterday.

I’ve never been so frustrated with the transaction system. I’m really hoping that something is going on in the background and this isn’t how things are going to be.

If anyone could offer some advice I’d be most grateful. I have more than enough by around 8000 ETN in the wallet than what should be needed for the transactions.


I have noticed the same thing. Since the last update before the Instant Payment beta it was possible to send multiple transactions. However since i updated my IOS beta ETN app, whenever i sent a transaction i must wait till that one clears on the BC before sending another. I really hope they have a solution to this, because if the Instant payments are to bring in new users who are able to send/spend their ETN, i cant imagine them being told they have to wait up to an hour before going into the next shop and buying something else with their ETN. That simply wont work.


Yeah, it’s always been really good since before then. I used to be in the telegram chat ranting about how smooth and awesome the system is. The Five transaction max thing was a pain, but the one transaction until cleared on blockchain is really not good at all.

Like you say in your example, it’s just not realistic. I’m sure this won’t be the way it stays, must be some sort of issue going on or something. Hopefully, we will be updated on this issue soon by the team, to say if it is an issue or what is going on.

Please don’t take issue with my over use of the word issue.


I’m Confident they will work it out.


Yeah, I haven’t seen a problem that they couldn’t overcome yet.


There is something going on for I just have been on Cryptopia and deposit is inactive.

Currency Status: In Maintenance

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your deposit at this time.

Reason: 27 September 2018 - Electroneum (ETN) is currently being updated

This all does not look good :frowning_face:


These two issues are Completely unrelated.

Historically Cryptopia is the worlds worst Exchange for Responsiveness!

What takes a normal Exchange 1 day to fix, takes Cryptopia 21+ Days. When the BC got jammed up in April, it was 3 weeks downtime before Cryptopia had ETN fully Functioning. Not saying that this is how long this will take to fix but if history is anything to go by… prepare to get frustrated.

The good thing is that now at least we have more than just Cryptopia to serve us for Exchange Purposes, i strongly advise anyone who uses Cryptopia to give Kucoin a try Instead.


Maybe its due to some transaction in mempool? Now over 100 some of them are there over 2 hours…
You can check it here - and you havent here the pending transaction from the offline wallet i think…

And we still have a lot of empty blocks…


This is caused by a very dodgy pool! I’m not going to go into this too much because i was so happy with this forum getting me away from the cess pit Reddit and don’t want to start any FUD.

But somewhere, someone, is mining empty blocks for their own profit. I don’t monitor the BC any more since ASIC’s took over but what your seeing above is bad! very bad!


this may answer some questions about the mined empty blocks


Can somebody explain how the Electroneum web wallet puts the transaction on the blockchain, how does that patent work ?


@Rachel @BegaMutex

Kindly help us with this issue by sharing the info with the dev team.



An empty block once in a while isn’t an issue as explained in the video, however 10 sequential blocks ARE.


I think is for the big amount of transactions for ETN. I can’t deposit too on Cryptopia. Hope it will ne solved in days…


The transaction I had outstanding for 2000 ETN has now been delivered to the customer. Unsure if anything else has changed, but just updating this thread.