havent received electroneum

Mine was Cryptopia to online wallet. I’m going going to transfer some more today and see what happens.

I’m pleased to report after 98 hours of Processing my 2nd Offline Wallet Import has now Completed.

In answer to your question @ColinSTE, you may use your Electroneum online wallet for other transfers while your Import from the Offline Wallet is processing; however, you may not Import multiple Offline Wallets concurrently: Each must fully Complete before Importing the next.

It would be wrong to assume it will necessarily take “3+ days EACH x 17 wallets,” because it may in truth take much less or much more time than that. I hear your frustration, and so does the community. You are not alone, and I have great faith that as things get humming along this will be a matter that gets resolved. 2018 has been a great year for laying some major foundations and I cannot wait to see all that lies just ahead in 2019! I have a feeling everyone’s patience will be well rewarded and celebrated…

Back at it: I have just initiated an Import of my 3rd Offline Wallet of 500K ETN. Let’s see how it goes…


Thanks all for posting your paper wallet experiences. Now that I know the delays associated with moving ETN from paper wallets, I am reconsidering my personal strategy for how I’ve been allocating my ETN to them. As @Jeff_Knight mentioned, this will all likely get sorted out. It’s just great to know the current limitations.

Don’t forget all, you can transfer coins off a paper wallet in minutes using the Command line interface (electroneum-wallet-cli) on your own node. Obviously this takes some practice to ensure you do it right and safely, but when it comes to your ETN, its time well spent.

I have no doubt that the Electroneum paper wallet import will be streamlined moving forward, but its worth keeping in mind that you do have other options available.


Thanks @BegaMutex! Genius for a reason. :slight_smile:

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Aaaaaaand my Transaction has Cleared a few Hours ago. So approx 72hrs in Total.

I was in no way desperate for it, because it was just a test and i had full Confidence that it would Arrive. However making it more streamline is definitely required before we attract tens of millions of users to avoid people causing panic about transactions getting jammed up.


importing paper wallet(s) to web/app takes some time IMO
I’ve done 69 transactions using beta iOS app so far, and I like it :smile:

paper -> CLI is however instant :+1:


I do trust 100% in blockchain, a transaction to app (could) take some time to finish, but like instant notification It will never be lost…

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Currently waiting at 103 Hours for my 3rd Import, referenced above. Status remains Processing and no TxHash yet. Will let you know when complete.


Been waiting since 12/5 for transfer of 80K ETN from ETN wallet to offline wallet…Says “retrying” … Anyone else having this problem

Can’t get to my Electroneum wallet…Has been saying the that the website in is maintenance…How long does it take?? Is anyone else having this problem?

Walet is now on line. For retrying transaction open support ticket at:

And tel them to resend your transactions. Your transaction was not submitted to blockchain, if you check transaction you don’t have transaction hash

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I have access to my web wallet, anyone else ?

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Thank you for your help. I’ll do it right now… I’m kind of “old school” and need help every now and then…


Import of my 3rd Offline Wallet is now Completed after approximately 122 Hours.


I’d be curious to hear from others who have recently imported an offline paper wallet using the “Import ETN from Offline Wallet” feature (not using CLI).

Background info:
As a project this month I wanted to consolidate my many offline paper wallets by importing them, then creating fewer offline wallets with larger holdings (simplifies my life, less for me to keep track of). I hope this makes sense. For example using silly numbers: If I have 10 offline wallets with 1000 ETN each, I wanted to import them all and then create 5 offline wallets 2000 ETN each.

Results so far:
Offline Wallet 1 Import: 41 Hours to complete
Offline Wallet 2 Import: 98 Hours to complete
Offline Wallet 3 Import: 103 Hours to complete

…I’m currently waiting on my 4th offline wallet import to complete; just passed the 6 full day mark this morning (144+ hours) and status remains Processing with no TxHash yet generated. As with the above Imports, have refreshed the wallet several times each day. Even did a few Instant Payment transfers (both send and receive) in hopes of a rescan helping things to move along.

Out of curiosity, if you’ve recently imported an offline wallet using the import feature – not using the CLI – what has your experience been?


I was meaning to do the exact same as you. Consolidate paper wallets into fewer/higher value wallets.
After realising the process of importing a single wallet took 3 days i gave in!
It would take me 6 weeks to do all my wallets and this is totally unacceptable by my standards.

My hunch is that they dont care about this because they want us to keep our coins on the webwallet/app. Prolonging paper wallet transfer rates discourages us from locking coins away. I hope i am wrong about this because it is the first time i have something negative to say about ETN. But given that nobody from the team has addressed the issue or even spoke of it…i’m left to assume the above is true.

I hear you and understand where you are coming from, but I would kindly disagree; this issue is indeed very important to the Team I can assure you, but as with any business one must prioritize and execute. How much of a priority is this when it works and there are other exciting developments to launch (cloud miner, iOS, Vendor directory, Gig.guru, and so on…). Additionally, the Team wants velocity of ETN because this increases its utility, liquidity, and value. ETN is currently ranked the Top 4 cryptocurrency by transaction volume, and forcing coins to be kept on the webwallet/app would only hinder these metrics and value, if that makes sense.

It doesn’t make me necessarily right, but I would prefer the Import function be streamlined once the ETN system/ecosystem is firing on all cylinders and growing. To allocate time and resources on it at this point, in my opinion, would detract from the much more “meaty” developments underway. Does the import function work? Yes, it sometimes (not always) just takes longer than others.

:point_right: :point_right: Most successful startups and even thriving enterprise level corporations consider an 80% solution viable to roll out and then work the kinks out later (you even see this with top Fortune 100 companies…think of all the Windows updates, iOS sofware updates, Bug fixes, etc). But at 80% viable, they roll it out anyways because it works, and in time will work better. I see the Import Offline Wallet feature in much the same way.


I Completely agree that other more Important things should take priority. But holding the amount i currently do, i am not happy about it taking 6 weeks PLUS to move all my coins, should i have to in a hurry.
6 weeks is what i would call broken as far as moving coins around goes. In fact id bet it is the longest time out of every single Cryptocurrency thers is, and i hold the opinion that Electroneum as a product and Company is better than that!!!

A simple acknowledgement of the issue such as “we know paper wallet imports are facing delays, we are working on it” would make me feel 1000x better. As opposed to no comment whatsoever leading me to think this may be the new “norm”

Importing paper wallet in app is like handing over your private and secret key to the etn team asking them:
Can you please perform this transfer on behalf of me.

Trust-level with the etn team is and the App is IMO 100% !, but when this process sometimes takes more than a day that’s something the team have to look into before world domination/adoption :smiley: