havent received electroneum


i made a transaction last night which was marked as complete through cryptomate but still havent received my coins in my wallet… i have been intouch with crypto mate who sent me a screenshot off the vendor showing it complete his side… this was 24hours or more ago i made the transaction… cryptomate said i need to get intouch with my wallet provider so ive messaged etn but it said it can take 5-7days for a reply. has anybody else had the same issues please and was it resolved?? or could it just be electroneum taking time to complete things their side?? all thoughts are welcome :slight_smile: thank you


Have you checked the transaction ID on blockchain explorer? How many confirmations does the TX have?

Assuming it is there and 20+, have you successfully refreshed your wallet (check for a successful - green - message in the phone app notifications section).


Same issue here.
Transferred to wallet from Cryptopia and still hasn’t arrived after 48 hours. Even tried a small amount again just to test and that hasn’t arrived either.
Not to worried yet as it can take a long time sometimes.
I’m going to message electroneum if nothing turns up after a week. Glad I’m not the only one with this issue though. Don’t know if anyone else has noticed transfers taking a long time?


Try to relogin or click to refresh button near the bell. It takes only minutes to transfer from wallet to wallet from exchange maybe more but not days :slight_smile:


My transfer from paper wallet is currently processing from 3 days ago.
I read that it takes a long time, but wanted to try it out so sent the contents of a new paperwallet i had just sent 10k to. Surprised by the sheer amount of time this has taken (so far)

The web wallet states 7hrs average. Will keep you posted how i get on.


Noticed your post and appears we’re in the same boat. Last week I decided to consolidate some of my offline paper wallets.

  • First Offline Paper Wallet Import: 41 hours to complete.

  • Second Offline Paper Wallet Import: Right now I am at approx 89+ Hours waiting on my second paper wallet to import 500K ETN.

Status is “Processing”, No TxHash (so 0 confirms), Payment ID is available as is Date Created.

Additional Info:
In hopes of forcing the wallet to rescan I had a friend send me 1 payment of 10 ETN. I sent back to him 2 iterations of 5 ETN. These 3 transactions have all completed, but the 500K remains Processing. And I have clicked refresh many, many times.


I did 4 withdrawals from Cryptopia yesterday - 49999 ETN each - They all arrived within 1 hour


All good! Appeared in wallet this morning. Bit strange why it took so long to show in the app as it says transaction was on the 5th and yes I did refresh and log in and out several times.
Never mind it’s there now. Hope everyone who’s had this problem gets there’s soon.


Issue appears to be specifically with importing offline wallets.

Going on 96 Hours here for my abovementioned Import and still Processing…


They will have to fix whatever the issue is that is causing such lengthy delays with the paper wallets.

Secondly, thank you for letting me know the answer to what was going to be my next Q. But to be clear, i can still move coins about to/from my app/web wallet while the paper import is processing?
Been reading other peoples problems where many report failed transactions because they have tried to send a payment while a previous one was still in processing mode where they have had to then rely on ETN Support to fix it.

I have 17 Wallets in use, can i import them all just now and they will all sit processing until whenever the BC comes out of “being a penis” mode? Not liking that i could potentially take me 3+ days EACH x 17 wallets if i have to do the transactions 1 at a time and wait for them to clear before starting the next @Jeff_Knight

Slightly Frustrating! But i only tried the import to verify that the paper wallets were storing multiple transactions sent to them and that the number was matching what i sent, and to see what the fuss was about when importing. LOL.


I have 4 transaction from yesterday in retrying mode. I was sending to ETN on line wallet.


Mine was Cryptopia to online wallet. I’m going going to transfer some more today and see what happens.


I’m pleased to report after 98 hours of Processing my 2nd Offline Wallet Import has now Completed.

In answer to your question @ColinSTE, you may use your Electroneum online wallet for other transfers while your Import from the Offline Wallet is processing; however, you may not Import multiple Offline Wallets concurrently: Each must fully Complete before Importing the next.

It would be wrong to assume it will necessarily take “3+ days EACH x 17 wallets,” because it may in truth take much less or much more time than that. I hear your frustration, and so does the community. You are not alone, and I have great faith that as things get humming along this will be a matter that gets resolved. 2018 has been a great year for laying some major foundations and I cannot wait to see all that lies just ahead in 2019! I have a feeling everyone’s patience will be well rewarded and celebrated…

Back at it: I have just initiated an Import of my 3rd Offline Wallet of 500K ETN. Let’s see how it goes…


Thanks all for posting your paper wallet experiences. Now that I know the delays associated with moving ETN from paper wallets, I am reconsidering my personal strategy for how I’ve been allocating my ETN to them. As @Jeff_Knight mentioned, this will all likely get sorted out. It’s just great to know the current limitations.


Don’t forget all, you can transfer coins off a paper wallet in minutes using the Command line interface (electroneum-wallet-cli) on your own node. Obviously this takes some practice to ensure you do it right and safely, but when it comes to your ETN, its time well spent.

I have no doubt that the Electroneum paper wallet import will be streamlined moving forward, but its worth keeping in mind that you do have other options available.


Thanks @BegaMutex! Genius for a reason. :slight_smile:


Aaaaaaand my Transaction has Cleared a few Hours ago. So approx 72hrs in Total.

I was in no way desperate for it, because it was just a test and i had full Confidence that it would Arrive. However making it more streamline is definitely required before we attract tens of millions of users to avoid people causing panic about transactions getting jammed up.


importing paper wallet(s) to web/app takes some time IMO
I’ve done 69 transactions using beta iOS app so far, and I like it :smile:

paper -> CLI is however instant :+1:


I do trust 100% in blockchain, a transaction to app (could) take some time to finish, but like instant notification It will never be lost…


Currently waiting at 103 Hours for my 3rd Import, referenced above. Status remains Processing and no TxHash yet. Will let you know when complete.