Have you heard of ETNcommerce?


Hey guys,

I read in a previous report from ETNcommerce and wanted to ask if anyone already knows about it or if it’s something official about the ETN team or if you should distance yourself from it.

The website is called: www.etncommerce.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/etncommerce?s=08

The explanation video can be found here:

I wonder what you’ll say.

Regards Jack


This is a great, the video is really good too. I’ll ask our commercial team to look over it and promote it where possible.

To confirm, this is not associated with Electroneum. While we welcome this, and all integrations, please take your own precautions in using open source software with your wallets (this is general advice and is not aimed specifically at this project).

There is another post about this project which appears to be from the author so please see that for more information.



Thanks! Im Claes here - the creator of ETNCommerce. I created a offical post here: ETNCommerce - Free Open-source Quickstart eCommerce Package


woooow what a job you are the best, now a lot of people can easily make etn ecommerce site by your amazing job!!! thank you


Very good long term!


I was looking at their site, particularly one of the screenshots. They have an SD 64GB card for 90 Euros. You can get a MicroSD with an SD adapter included for around 12 Euros. I hope those are not the real prices.


But not that card, which is more than 12 Euros.
Also, that is only a demo screenshot.