Have we any hope?


Have we any hope of the price getting to the point where we will all get a better quality of life by either being able to spend the ETN or Convert to Fiat? Have all of us actually had the luck to be a early investor in something great? Almost Bitcoin-Esqe investment. Or have we all invested in something that means well be stuck to the grindstone like alot of humans these days until were at least 70.

Me? I’m not sure. I think that it will be constantly sold by vendors and personally believe we wont see ETN’s ATH for a very long time, I’m talking years.

What beliefs to people have? What reality have we got of getting a decent price again when tons of people are gonna sell when it even hits $0.01 let alone 0.10

I believe in the team otherwise I wouldn’t have invested but there are defo times I worry this project wont get where I’d love to see it go. Not without another Tether-Fueled Manipulated Crypto Market.

Fingers Crossed, We Can All Build Better Lives for Ourselves from Believing in ETN Early


Well, even if vendors are constantly selling it when they get it that means there will be tons of buyers who will want to own/buy it for them to give to those vendors.

Just depends how quickly it catches on!

I’d invest in other things too though, one of them might release you from that grindstone!


Investors will always determine the value of the coin and not users of the coin. By having a coin that can be used in the real world will give added value by bringing in many people in to our eco system. Electroneum coin will moon once we get institutional investors into the coin and there are many of us my self included that hold many million of coins and when you get 100’s, 1000’s and tens of thousands of investors hodl million of coins each you will have far less coins on the exchanges and we will see a price increase like you can’t even imagine!


This coin is beeing manipulated since day 1. All the crazy transaction with 1 ETN occured on kucoin just to drag it down is the best example. On coinbene happens the same.
Regarding your post, when the supplies will become less than etn will look how every1 want.
My prediction for Q4 2019 is roughly 0.03.


Unfortunately we are the worst performance coin in the market this year - ETN lost 96% of it’s value and we still didn’t see the bottom. ETN TEAM what we should do-What is your plan to support the price if there is any.
Switching back to ASIC was a good idea buy double the block rewards was the biggest mistake ever -The miners are killing us. I have 1 million coins and I’m very close to put them for sale


grab a chair, ETN is a long-term investment


ETN is about solving a major problem in the world and has the support of mobile phone operators. Mass adoption is the key word here and nobody has set about putting a plan in motion like ETN. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and I dont think it was built in 9 months either. Though I could be wrong, my history isn’t that good.


we are starting to spread…


We are not the worst preforming coin in the market, I have about 25 other crypto coins I hold that are all down even more % this year than ETN. The entire alt coin market is off on average 90% or more. We are getting very close to bottom and selling at our all time low price is the sure way to make sure you loose almost all you investment. Do yourself a favor forget about your coins for now and come back in 2022 when those coins will make you millions!


If mass adoption happens to any coin the real world users will outnumber investors by a huge amount, the number of coins circulating in the real world will outnumber those of the HODLers. This is precisely what HODLers want and are hoping will happen, to take the power AWAY from institutions and manipulators on exchanges by creating real demand. It’s never happened before with a crypto so it’s uncharted waters.


One of the focuses on ETN besides mass adoption is to get institutional money into this coin hence why they removed most of the privacy feature and are focused on getting the coin into full regulated exchanges. Richard has even mention the focus on becoming KYC / AML complaint not only for mobile partners to but to help bring in the institutional funds on fully regulated exchanges. I think they fully understand the importance of having a currency that has increasing and stable value, because if the price drops huge amounts which in turn in like having massive inflation the currency will become worthless if a loaf of bread is 10 etn one day and the next week it is 100etn. If the price increased of the currency so one week a loaf of bread is 10 etn and the next week it is 8 etn then the currency will explode in growth because people will begin to hold etn by masses as a store of wealth not only a currency and when you 10’s of million people doing this we will explode in value so much so I think we will have to move away from the 2 decimal places to like 4 or 5 because each coin will be worth so much. Should be exciting.


Well maybe institutions will invest and maybe they won’t, all I say is don’t let them have your ETN cheap… use it in the real world, or HODL it, institutional investors are not our friend, they will try to force prices down to get more, don’t give in to them and sell out of fear!


Can they just move decimals? Surely not…or did bitcoin for example start as coins. Then decimalise (if thats a word).


Seriously? You have a million coins and you don’t know what their plan is?


I wish I had a million, because I think I understand the plan :slight_smile:


Yes they can fork to add decimal places, it is very easy to do so. If we have price of $1.00 the .01 works perfectly, if we have a price of 10.00, with only 2 decimal places the lowest unit would be .01 which be .10cents, which most people would not want to have to round up or down 10 cents every time, if we hit $100 per coin then you would be talking about $1 as the smallest unit which would not go over well if an item was $1.01 you would have to pay .02 etn which be worth $2 for that item. The 2 decimal places works great when we remain under $1 go over that and it does not work well.


Don’t worry about that. Just hold, buy and hold. Holding is the only solution if you believe in ETN.
Did I mention holding ?


Right. The only thing that will change the price is if investors value it more. There is some interesting discussion about the fact that networks are valued by the number of users. I’m not sure if that applies to crypto, but if it is, ETN has a bright future for investors.


You cannot have 50m active users and still trading under 1$, the higher the users the higher chance of the demand for the coin…


One can certainly hope. We are in uncharted territory, though.