Have or Havent I completed KYC Tier 2?


Hi Everybody

I completed KYC level 2 and I got an email stating that I have now unlocked level 2 of your identity verification.

When I log into my Electroneum account and look at my profile, Level 2 does not show as complete.

Have a gone wrong somewhere?

ETN for Life!!!


U should send another document like bank statement then it will be unlocked.


Hi Kurd.girl

Thank you for the reply. I will give that a go and let you know my outcome


@Rachel This sir needs help. Thanks!


I did it and it worked.
After that you will be tier 2 verified.
Then u have to sent another document to unlock tier 3.
I am tier 3 verified from Iran now.


Thank you for the support guys

I’m official Tier 2 KYC.

Now for Tier 3.