Have I been a fool?

I relied on Richard’s proclamations of “Monster Deals, Monster Deals”, but they never materialized. Why say it, if it’s not true? Now, people are saying that Electroneum has to prove themselves and it’s a 5-15 year long-term hold.

I put a lot of money into ETN because I believed Richard. Now, that investment is gone with the huge price decline to 0.005. I am in my mid 70’s and the latest info regarding “long-term hold” will put me at 90 years old to see any profit (that is, if I live that long).

I’m heartbroken over this. Why did Richard have to speak of “Monster Deals”? I never would have invested in the first place, had I known this would be a 5 to 15 year hold.

Don’t be disheartened @LJsETN things will change .

The whole market is all over the place.
But with all markets they could change within 5 minutes or 5 years.

We are all in this ride together all in the same boat.

Trust in the team have faith and all will be well in the end.

And it wont be in 20 years…

No chance

We have new app updates coming
Deals to be signed and delivered
2019-2020 is going to be great

I’m well behind my initial gamble investment whatever you would like to call it…

Not worried in the slightest


My first buy was at .16c. I have felt your concern. The last time we were at a half a penny, I bought a ton and brought my break even number very low. If we hit 1.5c I am green, and I can’t imagine us not hitting that point inside of 2 years. When the block reward goes down, our reward will go up. Regardless of monster deals etc. The news about The Unlimited, SA, were amazing, but the market could not stand up to 6 mil coins mined and sold daily. That won’t last forever.


There will be profit long before that. I expect end of may it will start to roll out, so during the summer we will see it when it roles out. But ETN is not a get rich quick scam, so you’re time frame mus be like a normal company. so after 3 years from start date profit should be good and by that i think late 2019 to early 2020. But there is always a risk for failure. You just hold on a bit and i think you will be happy :slight_smile:


I have been guilty of not following my own advice. Had moments I stressed bout the price, but 2 things bring me back down. Firstly, my real life business took 5 years of straight hustle to start showing a decent profit, there were times I wondered if I was crazy. Secondly, I invested in the project because I believe there is a real world use for it. I sill believe that, and I think the slow, steady careful growth they are attempting is the right approach. They could blow a ton of money getting us listed everywhere, put billboards in train stations and make TV commercials…while rolling out a product that is not ready for mass use. First impressions count. Imagine if millions signed up…and it didn’t work right? We would flop hard, and the team would be out of ICO money. Then we would all be cooked.


Thanks for your responses Sk8Monkey and B.F.A.
I understand that it takes time to build a business and you can’t rush it along.
My complaint is with Richard. Why, oh why, did he have to go on and on about “Monster Deals” in the YouTube interviews he did? If he had not done that, I might have invested reasonably and not gone “all in” because of what he said.

I kick myself over and over. At my age, it’s not easy to recover your losses. That’s what I get for believing someone without really knowing the person.


I forgot to also thank Planton for his response. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well the team gets all this pressure from the community. They are damned no matter what they say. If they say nothing, we complain we want updates. If they give us updates, we complain and criticise. I think that is one of the reasons we are seeing relative silence from the team for the last couple weeks. To my mind, they are cooking up something good. I think these ‘‘monster deals’’ do exist, but that because they are in talks etc, talking about it publicly would not be doing business in good faith.


I sure hope you’re right, Sk8Monkey. I would be happy to eat my words if the price of ETN goes up enough so I can at least get my investment back. I would leave the rest of it invested, and if I’m not here to claim it, at least my Grandchildren will benefit.


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lol I hope I am right too. If you are stressed and see opportunity to take profit, take it.


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First, never trust anyone in the crypto world. Secondly, just invest as much as you can afford to lose. Don’t predict the moon. And don’t be tempted by some who say they aren’t here to get rich at the expense of poorer people. Everyone is here for money. Whatever you call FUDster / Hodlers / Squirels etc


Oh, okay.
Thank you so much, Rachel. :grinning:

I haven’t caught on to the squirrel references yet lol

WOW, VaanClancy! I guess I’m just a trusting, Christian Grandma.
Yes, I am trying to make some money, but not at the expense of poorer people.

Everyone says “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose”, but when you have the head of the company talking about “Monster Deals” over and over again, I couldn’t help but believe him. He looks like such a lovely person.

I don’t know. Maybe I ought to just give up trying to make it big before I die so I can leave something to my Grandchildren. Much as I try, things just don’t seem to work out in my favor.

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Try to remember that the project is in it’s infancy. Unlike a lot of other projects that build pump and dump projects, ETN is taking a slow, realistic approach to mass adoption. Think of this, Chris Gorman is on the GSMA intelligence committee. Talking with the big players. That to me is the biggest announcement we ever had.