Have faith and patience


We live in an era where everything is wanted now and not 1 second later. Reading and watching I see nothing but frustrating posts on why electroneum isn’t going up. Right now we are travelling with the market, but many believe that with the excitement we should just go up. I’m no financial advisor, not in the slightest, but logically 2018 had been a very rough year for the market with empty promises that it will sky-rocket come end of year. Well it is end of year and not much more to show for it. So at this very stage why will we go up with more awareness of the space from speculation?
How do we realistically believe the market to increase when there isn’t much more use cases then at the start of the year 2018? My belief in crypto and etn is that it has to be functional or otherwise what are we truly invested in?
Think about this for a minute but have you also notice that since projects now know they need their product running to gain any sort of value? Monero and the like are now accepted in fortnight merchandise etc, api’s are being built to accept crypto. This is what we need and etn has the highest chance of all to reaching the top.

Etn is the first of many things (KYC & AML) in the crypto sphere. But if you take a closer look you will see our amazing team building the foundations.

  • New exchanges
  • Partnership trials
  • Api
    These items lay way for the future, without them we will just be like mainstream developers releasing a product and then have 50 updates in a day to fix the bugs. Yes we will see some bugs that’s just the reality of something as big as what the team are doing.
    These products are all enabled to be adopted alongside mainstream options which will allow familiarity for vendors and consumers alike. After all can’t just give it to them without any other options as let’s admit…Everyone loves options.

I’ll take bitcoin for an example…it started in 2009, but look, didn’t reach $400 until 2011 and when it dropped it was considered dead. Early 2013 spiked right back up and down then end 2013 spiked to $2000 and dropped down to $300 and again was considered dead. Until the unthinkable happened and 2017 end peaked Heights unthought of. But with those spikes believe it or not there was actual progress. ATM’s popping up everywhere, blockchain development etc.
Keep this in mind as even now with btc around $4000 it also took 10 years. Now look at our amazing project that is only 1 year old and has been able to lay solid foundations. Where do you think we will be in 5 years? 2019 is going to be big but many I believe should not get their hopes as high as they have as with btc it took time.
Patience is the key, we have a great team and a great community. So if in the event it doesn’t go up to the rate you wanted all I ask is, don’t get your panties in a twist like seen before. What the team is doing will give the world an amazing future and not just your back pocket. The price will come with our usability and adoption and the value will reflect.
Have faith and patience.
Peace to you all.


Thanks for taking the time expressing your views I agree the fundamentals are there for Electroneum, it’s so much more than the price. Welcome to the forum by the way! :wave:


Thankyou for your Article.
I enjoy your lateral view of the cryptosphere in general and particularly your realistic view of Electroneum achievments goals and its positive future.
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The whole crypto investment situation reminds me of an analogy i was told once in regards to approaching any situation with wisdom or impatiences and it can literally be the difference of life and death

The analogy goes like this

A man wanted to leave one city on his horse to reach another city but between the cities was a large hot desert !

Scenario A : He pushed his horse to gallop hard and fast in the hot desert ultimately both him and his horse died in the desert due to over exertion and being stranded in the desert under the hot sun.

Scenario B : The man on his horse gently trotted along the desert stopping many times to drink and rest and taking a break at night to sleep and gather strength , ultimately they crossed the hostile desert and made their destination.

point of the story is never rush and anything thats connected to being rushed is always doomed to fail ! Only what is given its due time and care will eventually become strong and solid. Everything around us in nature to even ourselves. We took due course to grow into who we are today , i certainly have never seen a new born run or a sapling grow apples ! Eveything that is true and real comes of age in its given time, moments cant be forced they are experienced it cant be forced it will grow strong when the time is right , just as a child grows into an adult ! ETN is growing up and finding strength in its legs were about to run !


Great words @Izmo :+1: We are watching Electroneum mature before our eyes :zap: you must first learn to crawl than stand than walk than run before you’re able to sprint with endurance :zap: Electroneum is putting every piece in place to be a marathon runner imo :zap:


Exactly right. We need a marathon runner that will evolve through the distance rather than a simple sprinter that can only go so far.


Really insightful read, right on point! :sunglasses::+1:


Great post!

We live in a world where instant gratification and the buy it now / greed factor can be at all time highs. The massive amount of work the team has put in, in 2018 was nothing short of miraculous. This unfortunately is lost on a lot of people as they would rather be picking out what colour their next lambo will be. The thing is even in a world where growth can explode and make a lot of people rich there is still a lot at stake, and a lot misunderstood!

For a beginner investor, especially one not educated in the CRYPTO SPACE it is oblivious to them for the most part. To make a coin useful it has to have a real life useage factor. If it is not actually doing something then what real value does it have? More importantly it takes time to develop strategies and then to execute / implement them. Think of all the legal hurdles, not to mention challenges in being the first to get to some of these milestones where no regulations were before! This crucial stage is completely above the dude looking for his lambo (pick yellow, they have the least accidents) if the (value of product actually gives rise to it being actually used) this = long term potential stability. Long term stability encourages more users to see THE VALUE of said product utilized daily and then they will begin to use it. When enough users are involved in the daily interactions of said product then and only then does the mass adoption really become apparent. Updates, news releases all send shock waves through the community and the value shoots up or down depending on the news! This of course is far too commanding for the dude who just assumes his Lambo is waiting for him.

We the early investors of ETN are aware of these and many other factors and so we sit back smiling, knowing all things worth waiting for will present themselves in due time! The ETN team is a machine, we are but cogs in the wheels, helping build community to foster the ideology that this project is worth investing in. THINK about that for just a minute…

Maybe just maybe in our own way we help the world fundamentally realize that this project is gold. That in turn will help others see this project to its mass adoption! I for one am very excited to be part of this process as it is unfolding as we speak now. Crazy awesome good. Now back to my brochure on which colour Lambo seems appealing to me…


I love your text it’s so well written that you can be hired to some Crypto website as a writer. Wish you all the best and keep up informed about others ideas that you may have in your heart :slight_smile:


You of all people know true Talent when you see it.@Mr.CryptoCZ
We need @Cogsclan on Twitter!!


For sure 1000% agree. We need bigger army :slight_smile: I create new post and write more details. Have something in my head. :slight_smile: