Hashpower for different Mobile?


hi there ,
any knows post for a table of each mobile processor mining hash power ??


so on …

May be as a start if there isn,t it would be great if each one tell us his model and hashpower

for me i use Samsung J7 and get 30 Hash and make 10 ETN every 50 hours

i would like to know exactly the user experience for snapdragon 845 flashship


The average is 30. If someone has a worse processor than yours, it will also have 30.
I have heard of the best processors having around 45, but you can’t see the difference in the real world.


Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, has been averaging around 50 h/s although it dropped to around 47 today.


I have a galaxy note 8 with 30 h/s.
I mine 10 coins every 3 days now.
Last month I was mining 10 coins every 2 days.


I use mobile phone with snapdragon 625. But same like u, just 30 h/s, before it i used my sony xperia z3c but bad connection and have 30h/s

I think 50h/s just for flagship phone :kissing:


Same here - Huawei Y6 2017


Xiaomi redmi note 4 global and have 30hash. And 10etn every 2-3 days.
Minimum is now set to 30hash and maximum is 50 hash…
In history I collected data from multiple phones just click to my name and explore my excel you will find the data. But I think from April they set minimum to 30hash so every low end phone have the same hash power… :slight_smile:


What OS version?

I’m on 8.0 and get 30hs with an S9+ :rofl:


I love your name @electromooneum


The same 8.0.
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iPhone7: 0 free ETN since 2017


Poco F1 with Snapdragon 845 50hps


wow awasome result i have mi a2 and it has 37-38 h/s but you know poco has snap 845 and mi a2 snap 660


I think upper limit is 50


WoW , i was asking to know about Poco f1 especially …

i read some where on reddit that SnapDragon 845 made 55 hash but it was samsung note 9 as i remember


@Botros With Poco I think they have integrated 845 with AIE because when the app is in background hashpower decreases drastically (~30 hps). As soon as app comes in foreground the hashrate boosts to 50hps.


so how much ETN daily u make ? or how much it take u to finish the 10 ETN payment cycle on that Poco F1 speed beast :grinning: