Hashing out ideas and opportunities for ETN


In this interview Jack Lu of wanchain the leader in interoperablility and cross chain technology has mentioned they would love to work with any project that would need a cross chain dapp, just was thinking what if ETN partnered with wanchain and developed the mobile app so that it could exchange any crypto in the app without the need for an exchange that is essentially what wanchain is offering , you can imagine a future where the ETN mobile app has the ability to cross chain buy and sell and convert any crypto BTC ETH etc all in the app in conjunction with instant payment all at a touch of a button !!!

Check Jack Lu speaking at


That would be great but it comes with its negative effects on electroneum, guess what people can exchange good sums of electroneum into other projects and that could costs us


actually you want a currency to be liquid so the more its used the better it can be


Well you may be right but let’s experts weigh it first


Yup thats who i am , an ideas person , i like to spur debate and ideas for people to develop ,


I like this idea Jack lu seems to have his head on his shoulders. I’m not sure about that particular function although I would like to see it in general. But I think a partnership would be great with them in any fashion. This is very interesting thanks for posting! :+1:


It is really exciting when you think of all the variable cross platforming that could happen. Ultimately in my opinion anything back in the realm of adopting people in utilizing the coin faster via ideas like this is awesome!


Thanks guys yeah i think theres something in this , check this video by The Crypto Lark he essentially says the same thing regarding interoperability and adoption . i think the ETN team could do another worlds first and make it the worlds first cross chain app alongside the instant payments and simulated miner !


I would rather see sooner than later. Coinbase now coverts 0 fee from your coin to whatever coin you choose that they support on their platform. I’m sure Electroneum could do something like this especially just the main coins first to get it going.