Has marketing started already?

Hi! I’m very active on twitter, in the means of following everything ETN. Since a couple of weeks I’ve noticed the change in newcomers. More and more people from countries like India are talking about ETN, try to get their KYC done etc.

Is this related to marketing you think? Or could it be the skyrocket 300+% increase which triggers a FOMO?

Any thoughts?

I noticed as well that there are a lot more news article.
Could be the price pump aswell.
Hope they start the real marketing.

They were talking about marketing launching this month. It could be partly that but I don’t think they have fully unleashed the marketing beast yet. It is most likely a combination of multiple factors. Word of month, news articles showing ETN in a positive light, it’s quick rise in a short time, etc etc etc truly fun to be a part of. In the weeks to come I believe we will see an explosion of people to join the community in general and a lot more interest in the coin world wide!

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Hype. Hype. Hype Train. Chooo chooo all aboard…

What we need is a solid date and a commitment from the electroneum team to follow through and start marketing and advertising on time.(Hearing the word soon creates hype… Pick a date let us know)

That said I hope they do start a advertising and marketing campaign in October…

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