Has Etn separated from following btc price from Mass adoption?


I just checked the registered user numbers on the electroneum website and it made me think, as we are about to hit 2.3million registered users, surely a time will come when the massive user base will separate us from the btc price movement, have we or are we starting to see signs of this?

The day when etn has 10million users I find it hard to believe we will have any correlation to the btc price…

Let me know your thoughts on this…


Most people are buying BTC to buy ETN, that needs to change to fiat to ETN. Another thing is that BTC have being a measurement of the crypto marked.


Don’t forget that BTC is the mainstream. ETN is for sure best altcoin ever but when you have a crisis everybody go to BTC or fiat…


exactly, fiat pairings is key.


I agree but when we when we are getting massive user numbers for the purpose of real world use, in developing nations, who have real world use for etn and not for btc and also they have a chance of appreciation with etn that they wont have for fiat, and the unbaked will more than likely have now way to convert this to fiat so they will hodl and use it where they can, we are going to see massive amounts of over the counter transactions that wont show up on trading volumes, i just feel we are heading for something thats going to become so much more than another coin on an exchange


that is definitely one of my reasons for investing in ETN!