Has ETN got what it takes


In my opinion you need the ability to transfer wealth at the touch of a button anywhere on the planet and some electronic money transfers do that does ETN. I say yes! It does it instantly or just about! All you need is a mobile phone and the need to transfer and it does it all in one simple instant payment app, available on Android and iPhone alike and can revolutionise the way wealth is transferred and quickly! It’s that simple sometimes it’s overlooked how good the instant payment system is and how it should, could and I think will be mass adopted what are your thoughts :thought_balloon:


Thread mood today? :smile:


Yes I want to have some stimulation!! And thought :thought_balloon:


Just be patient I say - it will take a couple of years to get the snow ball rolling…I am surprised to see so many other die hard crypto space people over look ETN. They are so into other projects that don’t appear to be going anywhere - only prayer sustains them lol.


@Mulder I know it seems we are the only crypto doing anything because I read a lot and they move so slow and we are just moving so rapid it’s untrue!! To get onto apple is such a feat and more! We will be so far in front with news because they can’t see at the moment but all will realise soon and jump on when it’s at a high!! I don’t understand them!