Has Anyone Read Digital Gold?


Has anyone read this book? I just got it I’m about to dig in :+1:


This book will put you asleep in 5 minutes :joy: , way better than Zolpidem


I’ll try to get through it honestly it’s been a year or so since I’ve read a paperback everything is online now I’m kinda excited.


but then again, reinventing money sounds intriguing, have a good read :+1:


Have you read this book before? Thank you sir I hope to learn something👍


nope, I wish I could say I’ve read it but no…


I’ll tell you how it is :+1:


I’m off to bed soon, please reveal Crypto End-Game in 10-16 hours


I don’t read that fast haha I’m off to bed also they journey starts tomorrow !


Zopiclone!? I take it?


Is it worth reading? Or not?


I have a few things I’m busy with today I think I’m going to start later today :+1: