Has any1 done a paper wallet import recently?

I did send a few etn to my paper wallet to test importing it at a later time. This is a bit of a worry for me as i have a few paper wallets. Look at transactions, 2 completed imports with 0 etn, both tx doesnt have txid.(i’ve tried logging out and logging in on the appalready)



to me it does the same with a paper wallet I had on hand, I have some wallets aside and I’m worried about this malfunction of the off-line !! me from 0.00 etn but in the unaccounted balance is present, but not in the available. but it tells me that it is in progress 0.00 etn !!! malfunction??? I hope they will make a more versatile wallet offline!

Youre actually right. Didnt notice this before. Wallet balance and available balance is different.
I guess were the only ones getting this issue as noone else is commenting.
Anyway, hopefully this will get resolved. Kinda scary thinking that all etn’s in paper wallet will be inaccessible

come mai mi dà 0.00 ??? Dove sono finiti i miei ETn??? Mi rimane così il mio saldo con transazione completata!!! Attendo risposte perché i miei portafogli off line sono a rischio in questo modo!!! Fiducia???

@Rach is this issue known by the dev team?

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Hey ikelemen, can you try sending to and import from a paper wallet.? Just test if it works for you. Just use a small amount.

Provo a fare un ticket di assistenza!!! Vediamo che cosa mi dianno se mi rispondono

This is a problem since long time. You can see many threads about it.
https://community.electroneum.com/search?q=import paper

let’s wait what the devs say

Perciò ci sono i portafogli offline bloccati!!! Guarda spero che ci sarà qualcosa di innovativo oltre questo perché ho tanti soldi bloccati in questo momento e non mi piace il fatto che sono bloccati in questo modo, investimenti più liberi chiedo! 10.000€ in etn come posso pensare di investire se non sono sicuri ??? Il pensiero di sapere che non si sa come ritirarli mi dà nervoso

Uso il portafoglio CLI (vale a dire non il portafoglio di carta) e funziona perfettamente. Hai provato?

(Questo è tradotto da Google.)

I have exported and imported paper wallets, without any problems after the fork.

I just sent a ticket to get an explanation of what’s happening !! on the CLI I understand that they were sent, in fact on the online wallet balance there are + 10500 etn that I had in the paper, in the bookkeeper my old bookkeeper remains, on completed transaction I understand myself 0.00 imported ethn !!! something that does not work there for sure! I don’t like that they have to block our money like this! I would like to have more freedom of withdrawal since I have invested euros !!!

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to me he did not give this information, he made me do the normal paper import procedure as always, I hope I do not find myself now with 10,000 etn in Less lost in the blockchain !!!

Hope etn team is aware of this.

On another matter, tried transferring nuls from huobi to light wallet and it was fully usable in the wallet in about 3 mins. I wonder how long it would take for etn to go from huobi to online wallet.

I’m getting a message “The import from offline wallet is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

They could be doing the maintenance now, wait.


I created all my offline paper wallet (OPW) before the fork, some in 2017, I haven’t tried to import them since and I’m not willing to.

I still have a question. Despite the current bug, is there something planned to improve the time to import the OPW ? It takes days to do it today from what I read. Can it be quicker in the future ?

Maybe log out of the app and restart your phone and log in again? You can try it.

If your balance is out of sync with your wallet and import shows 0 please open up a support ticket to expedite the handling of your case. Keep in mind you need to create a new account on the support portal. the log in from the community forum will NOT work.



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