Harry redknapp ex football manager and etn


Harry redknapp ex football manager supported etn back in 2107.

he is now on ITV in im a celebrity get me out here…

My hope is that etn comes up in discussion live on TV as this show goes out to millions !!! If that happens our exposure will be amazing and FREE. so if it happens I’ll be watching waiting and I’ll bounce off the end of my seat …

Eyes peeled


Yeah, saw that. $$
Etn will be on tv, mentioned, at a stage


I’m actually excited hahahaha all it takes is one mention and that’s it , the power he holds !! Just ONE lol


Please update us regarding on this show


I will do , don’t worry if he does mention etn , everyone will hear me shouting hshahah


No mention of etn from Harry , shame but he only went and won it !!!


What a nice bloke he is !!