Hardware wallets hacked

This is something to be aware of


This just shows that a good old printer and a piece of paper hidden away is far superior to an expensive wallet. .

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Yes and cheaper too. People swear by technology and yet time and again it fails.m

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It will be the demise of mankind ( tech that is )

In many ways ETN has the right idea with their approach to maintaining accounts and cold storage security. Most crypto rely on users who can make mistakes and lose passphrases and wallets etc. ETN is leading the way right now. I see why people want decentralized but at the same time that comes with a degree of personal responsibility that most can’t do…Still love to live without money though…

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152 etn wallets have been identified as malware mining…

wow, where can I read more about that?

I posted it a while back in da club…



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What you think about it?