Hardware wallet integration

i would like to store my private keys for electroneum on my Trezor or any other hardware wallet. how can we make this happen? i don’t like the paper wallet i like to be able to see whats in my wallet!

that would be great, but should come once user numbers increase

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You can see what you have sent to offline paper wallet by going to https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com with transaction ID and keys provided by paper wallet.

If you need to learn about block explore, visit Guide to the block explorer

i did not know this. last time i looked up how to do check balance it was beyond my comprehension! thanks for the link and info

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Here is a guide explaining how to check transactions on your Electroneum paper wallet.

I would also like to send my ETN to my hardwallet. More secure for the hodler and in the long run gives a less volatile currency. Imagine 10% of people transfering all their ETN to Trezor instead of having it on an exchange with the ability to panic sell.

Any plans of doing this Richard?


i would do it now if it was available mattias. as far as i know this is still not possible. in the future hopefully. i don’t leave my etn on an exchange unless i’m trading. i sold 20000 when i was skint and needed some cashola! (pounds)