Happy New year to you all. Such an amazing community! I Thank You


In 2018 most people worried about the bear market. Electroneum launched a series of world firsts. This has only been possible through the incredible support of our global community.
Thank you, you are amazing!
Happy New year to everyone. To our community this video is a reminder of 2018 achievements and a taste of what is coming.

A huge, Major thanks to M Systems and Jeff Knight for making this exceptional Video. 3 Arrows Fellow Knights!!

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Happy New Year @chris.gorman 2018’s achievements are great to look back upon as it sets the road to Electroneums future. The progress is astounding looking back. Cheers to 2019 being a year without limitations :zap: thank you for all of your contribution you are truly an asset to Electroneum :zap:


Just :heart: the Video
Just :heart: the Hype
Just :heart: Electroneum :heart:


Happy new year to you !! love the video , I’m sure I saw a few clues in there … If that’s a hint. Something big is coming…


Out of love today 50 Squirrel :chipmunk::rocket::heart::chipmunk::rocket::purple_heart::chipmunk::rocket::orange_heart::chipmunk::rocket::orange_heart::chipmunk::rocket::yellow_heart::chipmunk::rocket::green_heart::chipmunk::rocket::blue_heart:


Thank you for remembering us ,that’s very kind…


Well, I’ve just got in from work, it’s new year and I see this! That’s just made my January, February and possibly March. Excited is not the word. Whatever will ETN do better and before everyone else next…:heart:


Out of love today 50 Squirrel
My the New Year Bring us all Peace and Prosperity


You saids it all peace and prosperity


I would Love to hear your breakdown of the clues


Happy 2019 @chris.gorman And Electroneum team! :zap::tada::zap:2019 is our year!
Thanks for the post and the super exciting video :heart_eyes::rocket::new_moon_with_face:


Tanwax is first professor in 2019 Happy New Year


Congratulations @tanwax welcome to the club :+1:


And very well deserved @Tanwax
Your recent contributions to the forum have been nothing short of outstanding.


as im sure many would but like to know but , im sorry i cant divulge any of my ideas ( or hopes ) about that video…

no other reason than if im wrong im wrong and i dont want to create any fomo or fud within this community.

wishing all a prosperous 2019 and onwards


Happy new year this year will be amazing! The hard work and determinism from the team will lead Electroneum into stardom.


My break down of the Video

Space suit (Possable Branson connection)
Petrobras (yellow race car)
VR Gaming flash (With ETN wallet in back ground)
Mobile world daily (Magazine)
AT&T (Branded phone)
5G (again)
Tiny Drone
Panzer glass BrandGlass
Thermal preformance
ULTRA Premium HLC Ready
Mercedies Benz
Lot of Asians using 2 phones one with photo (could be Korean or social media connection)

Number 4 cryptocurrency in Alexa Top 10 on chain transactions (transfer) volume