Happy new year guys

Would just like too wish my fellow electrunioms a very happy new year.
Its bean a fantastic year for electroneium and they have achieed such great things this year.
I’m so glad too be apart of this fantastic project and would like to say a big thanks to Richard and the team.
2021 is going to be a superb year for electroniem as all the seads have bean planted and will grow rappidly this year.
I’m so exited and looking foreward to this year.
The futeures bright the futeures electromiun.

Happy new year Zero7 and let us enjoy the joy ride :slight_smile: …Happy Days


This year will be huge for ETN. Good times coming. All the best to the team and to all supporters of the project.


Absolutely love you guys. Absolutely love this forum and Absolutely love electromieum.
Can’t wait for next year.
Very exiting times ahead.


Happy New Year @Zero7

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Thanks meunnortoncycle and same to you bud :+1:
I think this will be a fantastic year for electromiuen as the teem have worked wonders this year and fruits will come to us followers this year im sure


happy new year @Zero7

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