Happy new year 2019



well 2018 is a gonner its been a good and bad year… so lets leave it there shall we.
no point dwelling on that lot …

there are way too many names to type , you know who you are :slight_smile: ,also im doing this early as this is the last night before … i go sober and healthy for a year :sob: . so early post hahaha … whiskey night :beers:

I just wanted to say to all of you


I have said many times i’ve made some good friends on here , coming from me that’s unreal .
i say this because i don’t let many people into my life , there are way too many idots and backstabbers in the world and in this comunity ive yet to find one

you’ve all came in here with an open mind , dedication to our beloved image … all this without being silly no fighting yes we have seen a few arguments but our moderators have been overseeing us children and they have done an amazing job… thankyou your all amazingly beautiful…

The Electroneum team have delivered everything that they had promised , yes we’ve had some hiccups on the way but they all got sorted apart from some kyc issues but they will be fixed . we are still growing and , we recently celebrated our first birthday and we have done so much its mind blowing . 2019 is going to show the world who we are and what etn is all about. thankyou so much for bringing etn to us and for making it unique .

so at midnight 2019 wherever you are , ill be outside looking up and ill raise a glass to you all

cheers , heres to a great 2019…

i was’nt going to mention any names but i have to say something here…

He has risen to the top of the user charts and deserves to be there .

@Pahini has helped me on several occasions and i know he has helped others , Thanks mate your an absolute diamond.

this community has shown what etn is all about … Humanity.

all the best for 2019 and i send hugs n kisses to you all xxxxx



Cheers to 2019 the year we will always remember :zap: I would also like to thank everyone in this community for making such a great place to come and learn. To be able to ask questions and get others opinions. You all make this community as great and powerful as we are, this is a great foundation to the future :zap: thank you all for your contributions Happy New Year!! :zap::zap::zap:


You have an amazing and truly inspiring way of putting words together.
Thankyou to @ETNCEO
The entire team and this wonderful community for making :heart: Electroneum :heart: Great in 2018…
EVEN BETTER in 2019.
Onwards and Upwards! !


Thankyou ! This truly is a cryptofamily :heart:


I still have 10 hours in 2018


2 here , posted as drinking :fire: water …

Can’t wait for 2018 to bugger off !!


Happy new year , you mad lot xx


Happy New Year Buddy I still have 6 hours to wait on the West Coast USA

Out of love today 50 Squirrel :heart::chipmunk::chipmunk::yellow_heart::chipmunk::green_heart::chipmunk::chipmunk::blue_heart::chipmunk::chipmunk::rocket: