Happy 2 Year Anniversary - Electroneum

Happy Birthday OLD FRIEND ETN!!!

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Happy 2nd birthday :gift::gift:!!

Amazing that even though ETN is only in it’s infancy it has achieved soo much.

Actual price is really the only negative but hopefully that will go in a positive direction once some of the interrelated projects start going live and mass adoption and mass use gain traction.

OMG what a journey it have been… I remember sitting out in the bush when a sms arrive my phone from a friend… it was something like go and buy ETN it will be awesome… a week later when I was back down in civilisation I bought in on the ICO…from that time and up to know it have been a journey of a life time, most of the time it have been a long bear market but my faith in the team have never faded… Time after time they have done groundbreaking action in what could be the industri 4.0… If it is a lesson I have learn on this journey it is to embrace progression, and what a product they have made. In 2 short years the ETN team have crushed the crypto space with ETN tech wise. It do not show in price, but it is weary similar to the company development of google, not that google is a benchmark because I think ETN will crush the google numbers… So I can be safe to state that we are still in the start, but the picture I see painting will make Mona Lisa nothing more than a poster. Happy Days ETN…

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