Halloween Costume Competition


Hodl band live tonight @ Halloween party
Me and my wife spreading love :microphone::guitar:!
Our picture was decorated and shot by us in our bedroom.


Every Witch needs a handbag! :wink: Here is the first in the world handmade jute bag with Electronium Logo!


Hope you like it!


Here is my entry. It requires some explanation.
Mining electroneum on your mobile phone is so easy, it’s like picking money off of a tree.


Really hope you like my best pic guys and happy Halloween! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::ghost:


Picking the fruit of life!!! ETN

Tomorrow I post one of me in costume. That is not me in the picture lol


Nothing beats old school crafting for the win! If I was a judge, you would get top honour, well done!!!


Here is the printable Electroneum Skull Mask. Feel free to print and join the masses with Electroneum.

Print this file


Well Done ! I like the mask.



Electroneum has scary fast transactions!



y family is everything to me! And live to the electroneum …


First costume I saw that really impressed me. Well done :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Great Looking Family and Super Cool Photo. Thank you for sharing.



ETN MONSTER from “I know what you told us last winter” is coming…


This is creepy awesome like a train wreck or vehicle accident, I want to look away but it keeps drawing me in because it’s so creepy and awesome!! Very well Done!!!


Thank you! I intend to use the premium amount to go to live in Canada and pay for my daughter’s college. Of course that’s 10 years from now when Electroneum hits the moon.


Happy Halloween :grimacing:


“With great power comes great responsibility”
said The Instant boy! :rocket:


Don’t let it hunt you.


Ah, thanks for clearing that out, cause I wanted to ask for your phone number.