Halloween Costume Competition


I love design
Happy Halloween to All Electroneum Community :slightly_smiling_face: and team.
pumpkin by forming an electroneum logo on both sides of the eye :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’ve seen some ghoulishly great entries for our competition… the imagination in our community is amazing!

Since you folks have been so creative, we’re going to match you.

We’re changing the competition… You might say we’re vamp-ing it up a notch.

Now it applies to anything creative with a Hallowe’en theme. Costumes, costume ideas, decorations, graphics, food.

Just make sure it’s Electroneum-themed and unique.

The 20 best entries will still win $50 worth of ETN. And they’ll be shared on our social media.

You have three days. We’re waiting. Take your best shot.


Great ETN rocket costume, probably the only actual costume in the competition.
Should definitely win a prize!


I am glad that you think that way.
Hoping for the best.


Wow… This my friend is incredible. Very creative I must say!! :100::100:




^^ I donno if its creative enough to win or not.though…
ETN have so many talented people!!
I am glad you liked it too :smiley:






To the moon and beyond. - Electroneum


" If you’re good at something, do it for Etn! " :eye::eye::clown_face:


Rayden power of thunder coin :slight_smile:



I see the bright future of electroneum


You have some nice crypto in the basket… Fast payment to me baby :wink:


Trick or Treat?


*It’s Halloween . everyone’s entitled to one good scare *. Me With My Big Brother . Keep it up electroneum .


The competition is getting fierce, looks like I am going to have to step up my game and make another entry :jack_o_lantern:

All great submissions @8cf7cb5d21e0e3bab246, @Mariusz, @Aga and @Thunderstruck. Looking good everyone.

BTW if you want your username changed to something other than random numbers/letters please let me know.

Thanks Again and Keep them coming Ladies and Gents.


Hope you like it guys, so much love for all of you and Happy Halloween :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::ghost::imp: